Portland, OR Newborn Photographer :: Worth the drive!

This family and I go way back…..  Well, way back in my short ‘adult’ years 🙂

Christina and I became friends, I don’t even remember how, a few years back on the photography circuit, I think…..  We did a couple of trade sessions for each others’ families, and went to a couple of Junk Barn Girls shows together too.  It’s kind of weird how a mostly internet relationship can turn in to real-life friendship as well 🙂  Oh the days of modern technology!

Anyways, back to this session…  between our last trip to Junk Barn Girls and her baby girl being born, their family up and moved from Spokane, WA to Portland, OR.  Now, I kinda sorta promised I wanted to take pictures for them when their little girl got here, as newborns are my love, and was still determined to make it work, even though I had a different route to take to visit them 🙂  So one Saturday morning, very.early.morning, I loaded up and took off.  Beautiful drive through Oregon, super fun mostly lifestyle session with their new family of four, and another gorgeous trip back through Oregon home.

 Let me just say again, definitely worth it!

Spokane-wa-newborn-family-sibling-photography-adored-by-meghan-rickard-photography Portland-OR-newborn-family-sibling-photography-adored-by-meghan-rickard-photography Portland-OR-newborn-family-sibling-photography-adored-by-meghan-rickard-photography-2 Portland-OR-newborn-family-sibling-photography-adored-by-meghan-rickard-photography-3 Portland-OR-newborn-family-sibling-photography-adored-by-meghan-rickard-photography-5 Portland-OR-newborn-family-sibling-photography-adored-by-meghan-rickard-photography-6 Portland-OR-newborn-family-sibling-photography-adored-by-meghan-rickard-photography-7 Portland-OR-newborn-family-sibling-photography-adored-by-meghan-rickard-photography-8

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