Richland, WA Hospital Newborn Photographer :: Welcoming Miss Tenley

Adored by Meghan offers birth photography and what is called a “Fresh 48” session.  Birth photography, I assume, is somewhat self explanatory (Meghan is there for a bit of laboring, the birth of the child(ren), and those precious moments right after).  A Fresh 48 might not seem as clear…

A Fresh 48 focuses more on the romantic part of one’s birth story; those tender moments you are falling in love with this beautiful new being, with whom you’ve knit together in your womb.  After the rush of delivery is over, Meghan visits you in your hospital room or home to capture the moments.

“Meghan, we love it! Thank you soo much! It brought tears of joy as we watched and are so glad that such an amazing time in our lives was captured!”

“You did an AMAZING job capturing the best day of Kyle and My life. And we could not be more grateful that you chose us and took time out of your day to capture such special memories.”

Kadlec Hospital Richland WA Hospital birth photography adord by meghan fresh 48 newborn photography

Enjoy the slideshow as well!

Wright Fresh 48 from Meghan Rickard on Vimeo.

Please visit the info tab for more information on birth and Fresh 48 sessions with Meghan.

6 Replies to “Richland, WA Hospital Newborn Photographer :: Welcoming Miss Tenley”

  1. Leandra

    Love the video clips incorporated into this kind of session. The early moments in the hospital are such a blur these are the perfect kind of sessions to remember that special time getting to know your baby.

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