4 Month Baby Photos

I was back again with this family for Little Brother’s second session: 4 months!  I came to their home again for some indoor photos, which is usually a good thing early February 🙂  We snuck in a couple photos of Big Brother, a couple of the brothers together, a couple of family photos, and more of just Little Brother.  I’ll be seeing them again in a couple weeks for more baby photos and photos with their grandparents, who recently moved across country to be closer to them!!Toddler at home , lifestyle portrait session by Adored by Meghan. Baby photos, Kennewick, WA Baby photos, Kennewick, WA Gah, baby fever!!Baby photos, Kennewick, WA Baby photos, Kennewick, WA

Those eyes!!!Baby photos, Kennewick, WA Baby photos, Kennewick, WA Family photos, Kennewick, WA Baby photos with Mom & Dad, Kennewick, WA Mom & Dad have rival schools 😉Rival teams. Brother photos, Kennewick, WA


If you’re ready to schedule a baby photo session of your own, navigate to the contact form above to send me an email!  We can discuss details and get your session on the calendar!

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