When you turn 3 years old

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting a three year old, it’s sort of a cumulation of all ages…. they’re fiercely independent, yet neeeeeed you for everything.  AKA the ‘THREEnager

Now, 3 year olds are great!!  But, they’re also rotten sometimes.  We’re going through this not fun thing of yelling ‘NO’, and ‘play’ fighting….  Those are not on the highlight real 😉

Things that are awesome?  Talking.  So much talking, I can know what’s going on, I can ask questions and get answers, I can learn new thing, I can hear adorable words mispronounced like ‘hairplane’.

What does Andrew Robert like right now?

  • Playing with neighbor kids
  • Riding his balance bike
  • Playing in the dirt in the backyard
  • Paw Patrol
  • Bubbles
  • Eating almost everything
  • Getting eggs out of the fridge
  • Our cats

On birthdays, we usually throw down a blanket in the living room for a picnic breakfast.  Side note, don’t use gigantic blueberries when using your waffle machine….

Traditional breakfast picnic in the living roomThen you hit the road to run errands!  We’re still rear facing at 3 years old, because #safestuse  (he’s about 33 pounds and about 37 inches tall)Still cool at rear facing in the car seat at three years oldAnd of course, where else would we go but the library!!  If you don’t already know this about our family, we LOVE the library.Mid-Columbia Library Kennewick Union street Mid-Columbia Library Kennewick Union streetFor birthdays, we usually go out to eat, AT A RESTAURANT.  I know, I know, crazy 😉  Being a single parent, and when your kids are going through those stages where they’re not fit for public, you don’t get out much.  But we usually go to Red Robin because, ya know, singing and free ice cream.  I call that WINNING.

Birthday lunch at Red Robin in Kennewick WA
That last one is him looking at me :: swoon

Birthday ice cream sunday at Red Robin in Kennewick WAOn birthdays, we also swing through Toys’R’Us so they can pick out a special gift.  I’m never really sure how it’ll go, especially when they’re so small.  Andrew’s first two years were a Fisher Price Vacuum and a Little Tykes Lawn Mower, choices that I helped with.  This year, I was willing to let Andrew take the lead in choosing, but there were somanytoysandthingstolookat, I had to start narrowing things down.  At first, he was wanting to get a pots and pan set, which is great since we don’t have anything like that anymore after we purged when the older two kids grew out of that stuff.  Then we went down the sports aisle.  ding ding ding.  I’ve got a sports loving kid, and he was drawn to the skateboard.  Sure, why not?!  Now, I just need to add in some elbow and knee pads 🙂

So we went home and got to play outside.  Skateboarding is harder than it looks, but he gave it a few tries before jumping back on his beloved balance bike.Toddler trying out his birthday choice: skateboard How do little kids pick some things up so easily. Riding his skateboard on his 3rd birthdayToddler riding his balance bike on his 3rd birthday 3 years old and climbing trees Happy 3rd Birthday Andrew Robert

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet rainbow baby boy!  I hope this next year treats us both well!

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