Birth & Fresh 48 Sessions

The birth of your baby is one of the most important memories you will hold dear in your life.
I am here to document and preserve those memories for you.
Some say a birth is like a wedding.
You spend days, weeks, months preparing for this special day.
Your mind is racing a mile a minute.
There are certain people you hire to pull your wedding off without a hitch: minister, wedding coordinator, photographer.  Your baby’s birth is similar.
You spend 40 weeks or so preparing for your little one’s arrival.
You ‘hire’ a doctor/midwife.
You enlist a doula or friend for support during labor and birth.
It only seems proper  that you have a photographer on hand to photograph all the important details in those special moments.


They only get laid on your chest that first time, once.
They only get their cord cut, once.
They only get weighed and measured that first time, once.
They only get their foot imprints done that first time, once.
They only get their first bath, once.
They only get held, and kissed, and nursed that first time, once.
They only get to meet their family that first time, once.


I am here to document that all for you so you can just enjoy the moments.
Unfortunately, until further notice, I am not scheduling births.  However, I am scheduling Fresh 48s!
Birth Story  $750
Unlimited time during labor, birth, and about an hour or so afterwards
DVD slideshow of images set to music
Online gallery for viewing and ordering
Newborn Session is included within the following 2 weeks
25 custom folded announcements
Mini-maternity session & 8×8 album with images from the maternity, birth and newborn sessions

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