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  • Tri-Cities, WA Portrait Photographer :: 1st Birthday

    It’s always fun to get a session request from a fellow Hanford Falcon!  This little one and her Momma and her Gma joined me on a brisk day in October to capture some 1st Birthday photos.  She was a quick one, and not all that interested in me.  I think those usually make for some […]

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  • Portland, OR Newborn Photographer :: Worth the drive!

    This family and I go way back…..  Well, way back in my short ‘adult’ years 🙂 Christina and I became friends, I don’t even remember how, a few years back on the photography circuit, I think…..  We did a couple of trade sessions for each others’ families, and went to a couple of Junk Barn […]

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  • Tri-Cities, WA Senior Photographer

    Now don’t get me wrong, my first love of photography is photographing newborns, but once in awhile I’ll step out of my ‘zone’ and photograph something different.  I don’t often get request for senior photography, because there are a few ‘big wigs’ in the area that specialize in senior photography, and let’s face it, THEY […]

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