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  • Richland Family Photographer :: Moving on up!

    Home Home is the place your heart resides Home is the place that you decide Home is the womb that holds the soul Home is the place where one is whole Home is the glow you hold in your eye Home is the emotion that makes you cry Home is safe and a place of […]

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  • Pasco Family Photographer :: Friends from school!

    So what’s awesome is when clients become classmates with your kids!  I have one long-time client who has a Daughter in my Daughter’s class and this client, who’s Daughter and my Son are in the same grade as well (same class last year).  It’s kinda funny when you’re editing photos and your kid is walking […]

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  • Richland, WA Family Photographer :: The Girls!

    I love seeing these two ladies every year!  I believe I have photographed them for the past FOUR years, almost my entire career! 🙂  Every year we get a little bit rowdier and have a little bit more fun.  And of course, every year we get the epic ‘shoe’ shot.  I told them they better […]

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