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  • Celebrating Turning ONE : First Birthday Portraits

    From Newborn to One It’s always such an honor, and incredibly fun to photograph a family after their newborn session.  Even more so when you’ve photographed a bigger sibling over the same ages as well!  We kind bounce around for their sessions, from in their home to somewhere out in the greenery.  To celebrate their […]

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  • Toddler trying out his birthday choice: skateboard

    When you turn 3 years old

    If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting a three year old, it’s sort of a cumulation of all ages…. they’re fiercely independent, yet neeeeeed you for everything.  AKA the ‘THREEnager‘ Now, 3 year olds are great!!  But, they’re also rotten sometimes.  We’re going through this not fun thing of yelling ‘NO’, and ‘play’ fighting…. […]

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  • Baby’s 1st Birthday :: Harry Potter themed!

    Welcome to #AndrewthechosenoneturnsONE 1st birthday party! I threw a sweet Harry Potter themed birthday bash for my Son’s 1st Birthday!  I pretty much scoured Pinterest and DIY’d all the HP things 🙂  View my party prep post here.  I’ve already explained most things there, so this post will be mostly images from the party 🙂 […]

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