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  • Kennewick, WA Family Photographer :: That Moment

    When I had my Son, 9 months ago, I visited my friend Michelle, of Meshelle Photography.  She was kind enough to take some newborn photos for me, just from a friend to another friend.  (she’s absolutely phenomenal!)  I got to visit her a few months later when she was on bed rest in the hospital […]

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  • Richland, WA Baby Photographer :: Time for an update!

    If you’ve got a little one at home, and you just need a couple of photos to hang on the wall, or a photo update to send to the Grandparents, an open mini-session is perfect for you! 30 minutes and we’ve documented this time that will be gone before you know it! Check out this little man’s […]

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  • Richland, WA Newborn Photographer :: Princess Ella

    Meet the latest Princess on my blog, Miss Ella 🙂 http://adoredbymeghan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Cotter-video-web.wmv Video is something new for me.  With my ‘big girl’ camera, there has always been a video feature, I was just never sure what to do with the *very* large files once I had taken them.  Video documents in such a different way than […]

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