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  • Let the kids play with fireworks. No, not the ones that require actual fire.

    A Grand Ole 4th… belated

    My Daughter loves throwing parties.  Scratch that.  She loves wanting to throw parties.  She is always asking to throw a party, for allthereasons.  We have a couple of neighbor girls that she hangs out with, and they were all planning this ‘4th of July party’.  You know how kids are 😉 One family was going […]

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  • Moms, get in the photos when it's the first day of school

    Back to School Traditions

    Back to School Traditions Ahhhh back to school time.  A parent’s favorite time of  year?  I, for one, love school time.  We spend our summer at home adventuring, but also bickering.  A LOT of bickering.  Summer also throws my ‘schedule’ out of whack.  And while I do love time away from my darling children, I […]

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  • Snickerdoodles in the cookie jar, recipe from Grandma's cookbook.

    Snickerdoodle Cookies from Grandma’s Cookbook

    nomnomnom snickerdoodle cookies I’ve been craving Snickerdoodle cookies since I saw them from another friend in my social media feed. Now, I love baking, however, I require a nearly spotless kitchen before I start, meaning dishes need to be washed and put away (no dish-washing machine here).  And since all four of us are home […]

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