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  • Happy Birthday Harry Potter! Project planning for the party!

    So we are kind of nerds when it comes to Harry Potter.  I was 11 years old when the first book came out, so I literally got to grow with the characters.  I remember when the movie came out (on VHS!), I would watch it over and over and over.  I wonder if my Mom […]

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  • Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Family

    Here are 15 of our family’s Christmas Traditions.  I would love for you to adopt some of them for your own family 🙂 When it snows, which isn’t all too often, we try to build a snowman 🙂 We right letters every year to Santa.  We don’t send them to the North Pole though, we […]

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  • Crunchy Explorations :: Cloth Diapers

    This is my baby boy at two months old, rocking the cloth diaper! So to explain the title, “Crunchy Explorations” 🙂   According to Urban Dictionary, crunchy is used to describe persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons.  Who knows, you might be considered a ‘Crunchy Mom’ 🙂 Back to our […]

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