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  • W2WW :: Planning for my own family photos on the beach!

    I’m planning ahead.  Like, way ahead.  We’ll be doing family photos this SUMMER, on the beach, and I can’t decide what to put my family in for our outfits.  We’ve done neutrals, a lot.  I love neutrals, but I also love color as well…..  I just can’t decide! Which would you choose for your family […]

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  • What to Wear Wednesday :: Purple & Black

    This week’s What to Wear Wednesday is brought to you by the colors purple and black!  My cousin is trying to plan her family’s portraits and she is leaning towards throwing some purple in there and she asked me to get her inspired!  DONE! 🙂  It seems purple is becoming quite the popular color.  That, […]

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  • What to Wear Wednesday :: OUR family picks! (white and blue)

      For this week’s What to Wear Wednesday, I decided to throw together an afterthought W2WW 🙂  We had family photos taken last week, and this is similar to what we wore. I wanted to have a more casual and candid session, and one ‘prop’ I thought to bring was Love You Forever book, b […]

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