Back to School Traditions

Back to School Traditions

When the days start getting shorter, that means it's time for the kids to head back to school!  Here are some back to school, or first day of school traditions that your family might want to adopt!

Ahhhh back to school time.  A parent’s favorite time of  year?  I, for one, love school time.  We spend our summer at home adventuring, but also bickering.  A LOT of bickering.  Summer also throws my ‘schedule’ out of whack.  And while I do love time away from my darling children, I also love that my kids love school; friends, activities, field trips, art, music, projects, etc.

We’re preparing for our kids to go back: clothes, supplies, schedules, backpacks, pep talks… all the things!  It also has me thinking of our ‘first day of school’ traditions that I want to make sure I remember, so this year isn’t ‘the’ year we missed it haha

We are the family that does the chalkboard that shows it’s the first day.  (which also makes it easier for me to find the photos when I go through my folders to find them hahahaha)

My oldest is going into 6th grade this year, so here are all of his elementary school ‘first days’ put together.  …..oh my heart ♥  And for his 4th grade year, his birthday happened to fall on the first day of school.  And his 10th birthday no less!!First day of school tradition: first day of school chalkboard photos


And my darling Daughter.  They grow so fast!First day of school tradition: first day of school chalkboard photos


I’m not sure I’ve ever put together their first day photos like this, it makes my heart all pitter-patter.

And I’ll be starting again with the youngest next year, woop woop!

Alas, my chalkboard broke over the past year, so we’ll probably be switching things up to a letter board this year.  That means I’ll have to be ready with the letters the night before!   The things Moms do….Letter board quote: Today let your passion, courage, and hustle determine your success.


Getting our family ready for school had me wondering what other families do as tradition for their kids as they send them back to school.  I collected some traditions, so here they are!

  • ***Taking the kids out to breakfast the first day
  • ***Letting them pick out a whole new outfit to wear on the first day
  • ***Making cinnamon rolls the first day
  • ***Family dinner out the first day of school to talk about how it went
  • ***Having a goodie bag full of surprises waiting in the car on the first and last day of school
  • ***A weekend trip to Silver Mountain to say goodbye to Summer

Celebrate the kids going back to school with some of these first day traditions.

So I want to hear, what are some of your family’s back to school or first day of school traditions?!  Add them in the comments and maybe they’ll make it in next year’s post of Back to School traditions!

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