Do you even print Bro? | A Year in Review

Nearly everyone has a cell phone handy, and pretty much every cell phone has a camera.  If you were to guess, how many photos do you take on your phone per week? Per month?  Yearly?!  They can add up pretty quickly!Family drinking NingXia Red from Young Living, little boy fallen down with skis

Why do we take photos on our phone? To preserve the cute things our kids are doing.  Cute or funny photos of our animals. Beautiful pictures of nature.  To showcase delicious food we’ve prepared or are about to eat.  To document our fitness journeys.  To share things for our businesses.  I’d love to see why you take photos on your phone! Add your top 3 reasons in the comments!Girlfriends business lunch, playing at the park on a sunny day, Scout crossover, Easter glasses

But what do we DO with all these photos?!  We post them to social media to share with friends and family.  We send them to friends or family privately.  Sometimes we do nothing and we eventually delete them when we need the storage space on our phone.Glittery Star Wars temporary tattoos and Art show family event at school

When I asked on Facebook, I was pleasantly surprised to see many of my friends respond that they print their photos out regularly!  Some print monthly books, some upload and print loose prints regularly, some print yearly albums.Printed albums on a shelf.

When we live in an age where photos are beautiful and there are plenty of them, we aren’t doing them justice to leave them out in cyberspace without printing some of them.  

Real personalities, first year of swim team, birthday boy, thumb's up!

From small, every day moments, to big, life changing moments, our phones are easily accessible to capture all of the moments.

Easy to get photos with the grandparents when you've got a smartphone handy

So I encourage you to print your photos!  For years to come, you’ll enjoy sitting down with your kids or grandkids or parents and siblings, and flipping through family albums.

Here are my kids with our 2018 Year in Review family album.Young and old love looking through family albums

Here are some places recommended for printing photos from your phone:
Mpix : photo prints, albums, cards, other photo gifts and more!
Shutterfly : cards, prints, calendars, and more!
Groovebook : the app that helps you free your photos + puts them 
into a monthly photo book for $3.99/month.
Walmart : prints, cards, wall art, calendars, and more!
Blurb : turn your ideas into professional-quality books,
magazines, or ebooks.

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