Traveling Family Seeks Photographer | Tri-Cities, WA

It’s pretty awesome when a family who does a lot of traveling contacts you to take their yearly photos!  It’s even more awesome when they’ve looked at your portfolio of work and love it!!

This family travels through the country with their job, and every Fall/Winter, they find a photographer in the area they’re in to take their family photos.  They use the images from their sessions as gifts for family, yearly calendars they create, and from our session, they got a beautiful family album.  Like I told Mom, I can just imagine all the beautiful, and different photos they will have over all their years of travel!

We first met up for coffee, cocoa & cookies at Roasters in Richland.

The lifestyle approach allows families to warm up to the photographer and the photos without the stuffiness of “stand here, arm here, look this way, don’t move, smile at the camera…”.  That can be rough, and a ton of pressure for everyone!  As a photographer, I’m able to document those everyday moments, actions, expressions that we’ll want to remember.

After our coffee, cocoa, and cookies, we went right “next door” to Howard Amon for some outdoor photos, still with a lifestyle, casual approach, but with some gentle directions I can get a few “everyone look at the camera and smile” photos. 

And when parents don’t ask, I do encourage photos of just Mom & Dad.  Because sometimes we can lose sight of who we were before we grew our family, and sometimes getting photos with just your spouse can help you to remember that 

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