Journey to Wellness

  • Doing inventory to see what oils I'm running low on and what essential oils I have backup of. These are Young Living essential oil vitality oils, ready to be put in the kitchen!

    Our favorite Fall diffuser combos!

    For my essential oil order from Young Living this month, I decided to do a full inventory of what I had, what I was running low on, and what I had for backups. I have been looooving Cinnamon Bark in my diffuser this month.  Also, it’s fragrant influence is thought to attract wealth.  Lemme just […]

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  • The Complete Guide to Fasting book, Authored by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung

    Fasting is the new ‘diet’ :: Wellness Journey

    Is Fasting a fad? I’ve heard about fasting from a religious aspect, and recently from friends who aren’t doing it for any religious reasons.  So naturally…. I got a book from the library!   The book I grabbed is The Complete Guide to Fasting. Part of my personality is green (researched, analytical), so I wanted to […]

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  • Send your kids back to school with the tools to keep them above the wellness line!

    Have a Healthy Back to School

    I hope your Summer was super fantastic and you were able to get out there and make some memories! The time has come where we are sending our kids back to school, which means allthegerms. And because I know that it’s easier for our bodies to fight off germs when we’re already strong, we reach […]

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