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  • When a girl wants photos with her dog, you snap some photos of her with her puppy! Mix in a little bit of Urban with some Converse sneakers, and you're bound to end up with some killer portraits! Photographed by Adored by Meghan, Richland, WA.

    Family Session #… there’s been a lot!

    I’ve had SO many sessions with this family!  We’ve done some pretty fun things over the years.  This year, they brought along their newest member of the family, Harper.  Seriously, she is the sweetest!And doesn’t every Big Sister give her baby Sister puppy kisses during their photos?   And we have a long-standing tradition, this […]

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  • Let the kids play with fireworks. No, not the ones that require actual fire.

    A Grand Ole 4th… belated

    My Daughter loves throwing parties.  Scratch that.  She loves wanting to throw parties.  She is always asking to throw a party, for allthereasons.  We have a couple of neighbor girls that she hangs out with, and they were all planning this ‘4th of July party’.  You know how kids are 😉 One family was going […]

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  • When getting your family's outfits ready for your portrait session, considering 'dressing' to coordinate with the room you'll be displaying your photos. Pull colors out of how you've decorated your spaces and incorporate them into your family's wardrobe. Here are some real life examples from Adored by Meghan, Southeastern, WA.

    What do we wear? Prepping for your portrait session.

    One thing every family has to figure out when they’re going to have their photos taken….. outfits.  I find that a lot of my clients either A. have a hard time figuring out what everyone in the family will wear or B. procrastinate up until the last minute.  Gonna be honest, I fall into that […]

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