Photos You Adore :: Workshops to rock your camera

Photos You Adore: Workshops to rock your camera. Camera DSLR workshops, Tri-Cities, WA, taught by Adored by Meghan photography

If you’ve ever looked at your photos on your expensive, new camera and thought to yourself, “I just spent all that money and I’m still on Auto?”, then keep reading.Learn to get off manual with a DSLR workshop from Adored by Meghan. Little boy with sidewalk chalk.

If you’ve ever looked back for #throwbackthursday at some photos of your kids when they were babies, and you’ve thought to yourself, “Why did I have my kid in that basket?”, then just keep reading!

Imagine looking on the back of your camera at a beautifully composed photo that captures the very most unique thing about your child or loved one.  Now imagine having the image printed in a family album, or a print hung on the wall.  These are photos I have on my walls and on my shelves in prints and albums that allow me to relive in an instant the most precious memories I have.  I want to teach you how to rock your camera to create photos YOU adore!

I will help train you to become more confident in using your DSLR so you can quickly capture the moment before it turns into a memory.Learn to take better photos with a camera class from Adored by Meghan.

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What this 2-3 hour Workshop is about:
»» Easy to implement today topics such as light, composition, seeing photo opportunities, and discovering the things you want to capture – all things you can do without camera knowledge to improve your photos fast

»» Why shoot in manual mode? Brief explanation of the exposure triangle: Shutter, Aperture, ISO

»» Overcoming, ‘But my kid won’t let me take their photo!’ Taking candid photos to evoke memories and tell a story.

»» Approx 20 minutes of shooting practice and Q & A

»» 5-6 ladies max to allow for ample time for each individual. This class is paired best with your bestie & a followed with a good bottle of vino or mimosas. If this date doesn’t work for you, consider hosting your own workshop with me and earn your seat for free. Email to set it up.

»» Fun! We’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and most importantly, you’ll walk away with a better understanding in how to photograph those everyday memories of your family.

Learn how to choose settings on your DSLR to take better photos of your family, in any condition. Outdoor around a fire pit.

What this class isn’t:
This workshop is not about the business end of photography or how to start your photography business. We will not discuss professional photography vendors for print products.
»» This workshop does not cover post-processing techniques.
»» This workshop doesn’t not cover posing or prop/backdrop set ups. I shoot very candid, documentary story-telling images, so that is what’s taught.

Take Home:
»» New friendships with other area mommy photography enthusiasts

»» Invitation to private Facebook group for Workshop Attendees for support, questions, & to post photos showing off what you’ve learned!

»» BONUS MATERIAL: Exposure cheat sheet.

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Feel more confident when taking your own personal photos after a workshop class with Adored by Meghan.

What to Bring:
»» Your camera (while a DSLR is not required, I recommend a camera with manual settings), a notebook/pen, a positive attitude
»» Your camera manual

Cancellation Policy: Seats are non-refundable, however, you may transfer your seat to someone else should you end up being unable to attend.

Photos You Adore : Workshops to rock your camera. Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, WA. Taught by Adored by Meghan.

Student Testimonials:

Brittany C: I signed up for Meghan’s photography workshop because I wanted to learn how to use my camera to take better pictures of my family. I took another class a few years ago but left it feeling more confused than when I had started. That was not the case with Meghan’s workshop! She helped me one on one figure out how my unique camera operated. She gave me tools to take home and refer to, helping me practice my new skills. The day after class I was already at the park with my kids taking more meaningful, better composed pictures. Meghan also showed me the importance of taking pictures of candid, everyday tasks and details as memories can fade. Pictures remind us of the things we don’t want to forget.  With Meghan’s Facebook group I am getting the chance to stay connected to her and to my learnings. With regular tips and assignments to participate in I will continue learning even after the class is over!


Lindsey C:  I thought it was a great class.  I really didn’t know much going into it so I definitely walked away with a lot more knowledge.