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  • Kadlec Hospital Richland WA Hospital birth photography adord by meghan fresh 48 newborn photography

    Richland, WA Hospital Newborn Photographer :: Welcoming Miss Tenley

    Adored by Meghan offers birth photography and what is called a “Fresh 48” session.  Birth photography, I assume, is somewhat self explanatory (Meghan is there for a bit of laboring, the birth of the child(ren), and those precious moments right after).  A Fresh 48 might not seem as clear… A Fresh 48 focuses more on […]

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  • Tri-Cities, WA Fresh 48 Hospital Photographer :: Sailor

    Awhile back on my Facebook page, I ran a referral contest and the winner would receive a Fresh 48 session.  A few Mom’s worked really hard to get the most friends to join them in liking my page, but one Mom pulled ahead and won the Fresh 48 for her sixth baby, Mr. Sailor!  Sailor […]

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