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  • 2015 Black & White Favorite Family Photo laughing in the frost

    Adored by Meghan’s Top 9 Black & White Family Photographs of 2015

    If you’ve visited recently, you’ve probably seen a couple other ‘Favorites of 2015’ posts from me already.  I am back again with my favorite black and white family photographs I took in 2015.  I tried to keep my choices limited to photographs that had at least Mom+Dad+child.  There are other ‘family’ photos, such as just […]

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  • Kennewick, WA :: Three Sisters

    These three sisters came out to the gardens at the Kennewick library for a quick mini-session in their super adorable sunflower Minnie dresses.  I think they were a tad bit excited because they were planning a trip to Disney (um, YAY!).  Since this session, I’ve also photographed a nursing session for Mom and her littlest […]

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  • West Richland Photography :: Motherhood Adored pt 2

    Motherhood: the state or experience of having and raising a child. Adored: love and respect (someone) deeply Have you noticed I love black and white portraits?  They never age, even though the people in them might. Of course, color is beautiful too!  And let’s just give this family some major props on their clothing coordination!!  It’s […]

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