Richland, WA Photographer :: Miss Clementine’s Hospital Fresh 48

Meet Miss Clementine, brand new at 28 hours old.

This is the second hospital newborn photography session I’ve done with this family, the last being Sailor’s in October 2013.
I love being able to photograph newborns when they are so brand new.  It’s the beginning of an amazing journey,  both for them earthside and for their parents alike.

Everything is new.  Little squeaks.  Little movements.  Tiny toes.  Stretched out fingers.  Soft, fuzzy hair.

Life has just been jolted down a different path, and I love being their to capture the beauty of it!

 A Fresh 48 package includes a lifestyle session during the first 48 hours of your baby’s life.  You also receive a DVD slideshow (shown above), an image box, and a full set of 4×6 prints.

 Professional photography products Image Box Adored by Meghan Rickard Photography

Professional photographer products Image Box Adored by Meghan Rickard Photography

Professional photography products Image Box Adored by Meghan Rickard PhotographyIf you would like to schedule a Fresh 48 hospital newborn photography session for your family, please visit the info tab to read more about it!
Then, use the contact form to get started on planning your sessions!

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  1. The image box is awesome. What an exciting product!

  2. So neat with the image box! Beautiful job!

  3. Eden

    Love that image box! What a nice way to keep these precious memories.

  4. perfection!! Love love love

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FINAL voting for Beautiful Baby Search 2015

Welcome to voting for the 5th Annual Adored by Meghan’s Beautiful Baby Search!

We have six finalists, three lovely ladies and three handsome gentlemen.  I don’t know how you will, but vote for the *most* beautiful of them all!! :)
PS, thank you SO much to Polliwog’s Children’s Boutique here in Richland for the use of their fabulously awesome boutique outfits!  Stop on in to check out Adriana’s adorable store :)

Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Natallie Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Natallie-2 Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Natallie-3


Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Giuliana Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Giuliana-2 Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Giuliana-3


Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Maximo Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Maximo-2 Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Maximo-3


Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Mila Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Mila-2 Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Mila-3


Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Paxton Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Paxton-2 Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Paxton-3


Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Izander Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Izander-1 Beautiful-Baby-Search-Adored-by-Meghan-finalist-Izander-2

Who is the most Beautiful Baby? free polls
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  1. What a beautiful baby!!!! Love that smile.

  2. allie camacho burks

    She is beautiful

  3. Stunning! Gorgeous babies!

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Kennewick, WA Family Photographer :: That Moment

When I had my Son, 9 months ago, I visited my friend Michelle, of Meshelle Photography.  She was kind enough to take some newborn photos for me, just from a friend to another friend.  (she’s absolutely phenomenal!)  I got to visit her a few months later when she was on bed rest in the hospital before the birth of her twin Daughters (Daughters #4 & 5 for her!).  I was unable to meet up with her for her Daughters’ newborn photos when they came home from their stay in the NICU (insert sad face :( ).  I was able to work in a short visit with her when we traveled to Spokane for my Son’s Destination Imagination tournament.   She wasn’t aware I was there to catch some candid photos of her family, so these are pretty much all completely lifestyle :)

That moment.  That moment on that day.  That moment in their lives.

I’m so happy to have captured that moment for her, for them.  Her Daughters are beautiful, wouldn’t you agree? :)  Next time, I’ll get her in a few more photos as well *wink wink*


Please take a couple of minutes to view some of my favorites from their photos.  I hope Mom gets these printed, maybe in an album…… =)

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  1. I so loved this! Michelle’s girls are absolutely adorable!! Loved the photos (and videos!) you captured of them :)

  2. So sweet! I’m so glad you got to do this for her!

  3. Yay! Glad you could do this for her!!

  4. Eden

    What a precious gift!

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