Tips for Scheduling Your Fall Family Portrait Session

Tips for your Fall family portrait session

1. Photographer’s availability

Please get ahold of your photographer asap!  Fall is *the* time for family photos.  Your photographer should already have their calendar opened for Fall months, and possibly has a list of dates they’re scheduling.  If you do not already have a photographer, this is when you ask your friends for recommendations.  This is also when you have to do a bit of research.  It’s not too likely you’ll fall in love with the first name that’s sent your way.  Your future photographer should have a style you adore, an investment zone that fits in your budget, and hopefully some lovey dovey words from past clients!

Photographer availability calendar scheduling a portrait session
2. Weather

Another reason Fall is a great time to schedule family photos is the weather.  Around the Tri-Cities, WA, October and November are fabulous months because we have moved beyond our 100 degree temperatures and we haven’t reached the chilly Winter temperatures.  If you have plan months ahead to schedule your session, you cross your fingers and hope the weather is in your favor.  If you’re getting in last minute, make sure your outfits line up with the weather.  You don’t want to be standing in the chilly weather in shorts and a tank top!  As the weather gets a bit chillier, you can LAYER!  Fall clothing + Fall colors + LAYERING!  #winning

Pasco WA Sunset photo

3. Your schedule

Scheduling for weeks and/or months in advance, it’s sometimes hard to tell if you will actually be available that day.  Consider school events, work events, family events, etc (sporting events 😉 )when choosing a date.
Personal calendar availability scheduling a portrait session

4. Outfits

Time to raid the closets!  Please try not to wait until the last minute to get your family’s outfits put together.  It can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a larger family, that’s why it is best to give yourself plenty of time!  Do some more research in this department: Google (what to wear wednesday), look at some of your friends’ photos as to what they’re wearing, ASK YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER for help! :)  (Below is an image of my family taken by Jessica Vaughn Photography.  We had everything already except the baby’s romper and my Daughter got a new white t-shirt, with no stains! :) )
Planning your outfits for family photos. Image taken by Jessica Vaughn Photography

5. Night before

Prep.  Lay out your outfits.  Last minute touches or tweaks?  Prep.  Your family.  Kids, husband, family pets…. :)  It’s going to be fun!  It’s going to be quick!  Maybe add in a bit of bribery if things don’t seem to be sitting well….
Laying out your outfits the night before your family photo session

6. Day of

Get excited!!  You’re about to capture some timeless portraits of your family.
Get dressed last minute, especially if you’ve got rambunctious kids or babies. Even take the babies outfits to the session and dress them there, if you’ll have time.
Be sure to take your photographer’s number.  If you get stuck in traffic, or can’t find them at the location you’re suppose to be meeting, be sure to have their number handy.
Have fun at your session!  Laugh, smile, be silly, listen to your photographer, ask for specific poses if you’ve got them.
Ta-Da, you’re done!  Treat yourself to a tall coffee, or something stronger if you’re inclined to do so :)

Family photographer Adored by Meghan Rickard photography Kennewick, Richland, Pasco WA Tri-Cities Photography

Now get started!  What step are you on?  Step 1?  Step 4??

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  1. Great tutorial for being prepared. I need to revisit this when I have my family photos taken this Fall.

  2. Great tips! So helpful for potential clients!

  3. Great advice. It is crazy to start thinking about holiday cards in August but that is when it begins. Now I need to get “my” fall dates ready!

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Back to School Photos

Back to School Photos!
**super amazing deals**

Back to School photos Adored by Meghan Rickard Photography : Tri-Cities Photograper

1 Pose: 8×10, 2-5x7s, the digital file (emailed)  :: $60 including tax!

Add-on specials!
1 Pose: 5×7, 2-4x6s, 9 wallets :: $35+tax
4 Additional digital files :: $85+tax

September 26th


Sessions will be about 10 minutes in length.  Final gallery of images will be emailed within the week, containing around 8 final images.  Families will choose their favorites for the included package, and if they wish to order additional prints/files, they are welcome to do so from the gallery.

If there is enough interest, I will have a September date!

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  1. Andrea Hansen

    Hi! I’m friends with Jennifer Carrigan and she recommended you to me! I’m interested in doing the school pics but I have 3 children and wondered if you gave a discount for more than one child. Also, we will be out of town the day you have the shoot listed. Is there another date we could catch this deal? I’ve also been wanting to do family session and was curious what your prices are for that. Thanks!

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Baby’s 1st Birthday :: Harry Potter themed!

Welcome to #AndrewthechosenoneturnsONE 1st birthday party!

I threw a sweet Harry Potter themed birthday bash for my Son’s 1st Birthday!  I pretty much scoured Pinterest and DIY’d all the HP things :)  View my party prep post here.  I’ve already explained most things there, so this post will be mostly images from the party :)Harry Potter first birthday party, DIY Platform 9 3/4 entrance. Harry Potter first birthday party, DIY Platform 9 3/4 entrance.Harry Potter first birthday party DIY directional sign.I bought this onesie on Zulily months ahead, in a 24 months size (I have a big baby!) and it fit just about right for his party!  We had the water on right before the party started, so I only got a couple of photos of him wearing it :)Harry Potter 1st Birthday Party"Mommy thinks I'm a Keeper" onesie Harry Potter 1st Birthday Party

Big Brother’s shirt, which I found at a thrift store days before the party!Hagrid shirt for Harry Potter BirthdayThe glorious floating candles!!!Floating candles decoration for Harry Potter birthday party.

I didn’t have the owl balloons included on the party prep post, but here they are.  They were very easy and added the perfect touch to the decorations.Owl Balloons, floating candles, Pin the scar on Harry.  Harry Potter birthday decorations.

Where party goers took the quiz to get sorted in their house.Sorting Hat quiz for Harry Potter birthday party.

Some tasty treats. Harry Potter birthday party treats food Harry Potter birthday party treats food.  Gringott's gold, Bertie Bott's every flavor beans, licorice wands.Harry Potter party food: deviled dragon eggsWe also had chicken and veggie magic kabobs!
For drinks we had ‘Gillyweed Water’ (missing the mint or rosemary I wanted to put in) and Pumpkin Juice (orange juice and 7-Up).

Harry Potter party food and drinks: gillyweed water and pumpkin juice

Our pin the scar on Harry game!Pin the Scar on Harry.  Harry Potter party games.

Harry Potter birthday party

My Birthday Boy.  Enjoying some dinner in his one and only Harry Potter diaper :)1st Birthday boy at his Harry Potter themed party 1st Birthday boy at his Harry Potter themed party Chunk!1st Birthday boy at his Harry Potter themed party

Our photos from our ‘photobooth’Harry Potter photobooth props.  Sirius Black mugshot..  1st Birthday Party. Harry Potter photobooth props.  Sirius Black mugshot..  1st Birthday Party. Harry Potter photobooth props.  Sirius Black mugshot..  1st Birthday Party. Harry Potter photobooth props.  Sirius Black mugshot..  1st Birthday Party.

The final butterbeer cupcakes.IMG_7234 The infamous Harry Potter birthday cake :)IMG_7288

“Happy Birthday to You!”Harry Potter birthday cake for first birthday party

That strawberry lemonade frosting is a bit sour!Harry Potter birthday cake for first birthday party Sharing cake with Grandpa, who he also shares a birthday with :)Harry Potter birthday cake for first birthday partyAndrew received this awesome four-wheeler from his Grandpa, and he was not interested in it.  He’s not so scared anymore :)First birthday giftFirst birthday giftAnd that was the end of our Harry Potter birthday party in Spokane :)

Spokane, WA first birthday boy

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  1. Amazing. You really outdid yourself!

  2. Love all these first birthdays! So fun!

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