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  • Family Photos During Our “False” Spring | Kennewick Photographer

    Do you remember when we had our “False” Spring this past year? For a couple weeks in January, it looked like Winter had left without so much as a “Goodbye!”…..  Little did we know….. Winter came back in, like a wrecking ball! hahahaha We were lucky enough to schedule a quick mini-session during that False […]

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  • During a house rebuild, take family photos to compare before and after. This house is near Columbia River in Richland, WA.

    House in Progress | Family Photographer

    I’ve photographed this duo of ladies for years.  So many sessions….  All so fun, but one unique thing we’ve done is a ‘shoe picture’.  This year, Mom was a little less than thrilled to have the shoe selection be…… slippers. Let’s throw this back….. Here’s all the shoe pictures we have done so far! Totally […]

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  • Traveling Family Seeks Photographer | Tri-Cities, WA

    It’s pretty awesome when a family who does a lot of traveling contacts you to take their yearly photos!  It’s even more awesome when they’ve looked at your portfolio of work and love it!! This family travels through the country with their job, and every Fall/Winter, they find a photographer in the area they’re in […]

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