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  • In action sanding, with proper protection of course

    Bedroom Mid-Century Dresser Makeover DIY

    Since I’m a creative, doing a dresser makeover is totally within my wheelhouse.  Well, as long as it’s the simple stuff like sanding and painting!  Now, if I needed to use extra tools, like for drawer repair or something, maybe not…. During this process, I did buy myself a sander.  Let me say, it’s immensely […]

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  • Photos of a Mother and Son during Spring mini-session photos with Adored by Meghan

    Mother + Son Photos | Spring Mini-Session

    When is the perfect time to get family photos?  Whenever you want! Kids grow up so fast, they are changing constantly.  Don’t believe me? Ask any parent who has to buy new clothes every few months because they no longer fit! When I got an email from this Momma, I was so excited!  I love […]

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  • Throwing rocks in the Columbia River at Chiawana Park in Pasco, WA. Portraits by Adored by Meghan, Tri-Cities, WA.

    Family Photos on the Columbia River | Visiting from Walla Walla

    Spring is the perfect time to get some family photos!  And when you’ve got a tiny one, they change so fast!   This family traveled to Pasco from Walla Walla to let me photograph them.  We met up at Chiawana Park to grab a few quick photos for their mini-session.   We started off with the […]

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