• Printed albums on a shelf.

    Do you even print Bro? | A Year in Review

    Nearly everyone has a cell phone handy, and pretty much every cell phone has a camera.  If you were to guess, how many photos do you take on your phone per week? Per month?  Yearly?!  They can add up pretty quickly! Why do we take photos on our phone? To preserve the cute things our […]

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  • In action sanding, with proper protection of course

    Bedroom Mid-Century Dresser Makeover DIY

    Since I’m a creative, doing a dresser makeover is totally within my wheelhouse.  Well, as long as it’s the simple stuff like sanding and painting!  Now, if I needed to use extra tools, like for drawer repair or something, maybe not…. During this process, I did buy myself a sander.  Let me say, it’s immensely […]

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