Meghan is super-duper excited about this new option for nursing Moms!  The bond between a Mother & child is strengthened in their nursing sessions, which I am experiencing first hand again!   I love those moments, whether they be quiet and alone, while we nurse in the midst of night, or crazy and chaotic at the splash park, while watching my older two children run amuck in the carefree way that children do.  One thing I want to remember forever is the way my Son squeezes my side while he nurses.  Knowing I’m not alone in this beautiful world of breastfeeding, I want to capture this bond in a beautiful, yet natural way.

WIthout further ado, Adored by Meghan is offering this new session for nursing Moms.

Kennewick photographer nursing breastfeeding session adored by meghanSailor and his Momma were beautiful models for my first nursing session, view the video for more images.


Kennewick photographer nursing breastfeeding session adored by meghanKennewick photographer nursing breastfeeding session adored by meghan

Some questions you might be wondering…..

WHY would I want photos like that??
Well, obviously, just as any other type of photography, nursing photos won’t be for every mom.  Meghan would love to capture the beautiful bond you are creating with your sweet baby with some equally beautiful portraits.  In the end, when your nursing period has come to an end, you will have photos to look back upon and cherish.

I feel awkward and/or I don’t want photos of me like that for everyone else to see…..
Awkwardness, I can relate.  Three babies, three different breastfeeding experiences.  Guess what, your baby loves you and is being nourished by you, they don’t pass judgement on you whatsoever 🙂  I will ask every Mom if she wants to share her images publicly or if she’d prefer them to be left for her own.  Sometimes, a Mom will be unsure the final images before and during her session, asking the photos not be shared publicly, but after they view their final images, they’ll find the precious images of her and her baby bonding are beautiful, and should be shared, encouraging other nursing moms.